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Planetary gearbox, steel equipment, suitable for industrial use 


EL62 planetary gearbox-steel equipment
Reduction ratio four 5 seven 9 16 20 25 forty nine sixty three a hundred 128 156 two hundred 256 312.5 four hundred 512
Efficiency 0.92 0.eighty five 0.78
Number of stages 1 2 3
Constant torque Nm 10 31.25 62.five
Gearbox fat Kg 0.85 1.twenty five 1.65
Axial load/radial load N 170 / 550 170/550 170 / 550
Gearbox size mm 49.5 69.5 87.five


Equipment reducers are also called reducers. Mechanical components, by both of these two names, are developed to reduce the electrical power transferred amongst the motor and the equipment between the rotational speeds (revolutions for each minute). The reducer effectively decreases the rotational velocity developed by the motor, thereby managing the speed at which the equipment runs and rising the torque created by the motor. Multiplying the torque developed by the motor increases the machine’s obtainable energy – a method known as “mechanical dominance”. In a greater context, equipment reducers are basically equipment utilised to boost the effectiveness of products procedure.
Planetary gearboxes are used in a variety of instances where higher efficiency and substantial reduction ratio are necessary in a tiny area. Showcasing substantial precision and higher torque-to-quantity ratio, it is ideal for torque boost, deceleration, specific positioning and handle of regenerative equipment. To ensure that the picked planetary gearbox is the ideal in shape for your application, it is important to think about parameters this kind of as torque, backlash and equipment ratios when selecting a planetary gearbox.

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