China Best Sales Gear Box Model Pwd3150 Pwd3200 Pwd3300 Pwd3500 Pwd3700 Hydraulic Dana Spicer CZPT Winch Drive Gearboxes with Best Sales

Solution Description

Equipment box PWD2100 PWD3150 PWD3200 PWD3300 PWD3500 PWD3700 Hydraulic Dana Spicer CZPT Winch Drive Gearbox
They characteristic 2 close-mounted flanges, 1 of which is hooked up to the winch body and the other of which is fixed to the cable drum. The drive housing for that reason functions as the main 
drum mounting.
The drum must also be held by a ideal mounting or help on the opposite facet.
With these models, DANA offers winch makers a regular product that can be adapted to all drum dimensions and lifting requirements.
The drive and drum supports must be machined and completed in conformity to the requirements given in this catalogue.
All equipment models are equipped with a hydraulically operated, multdisc, adverse lamellar brake.
Functionality figures given in this catalogue refer to FEM expectations and in particular to course M5 (T5-L2) for output speeds of 15 rpm.
This is the most frequent classification for the cell crane and on-board winch markets.
DANA prospects the field in overall performance calculation and verification, and uses powerful application (BreCalc) that can also confirm equipment models in conformity to other expectations and any specific operational situation.
DANA retains a Type Acceptance Certification from Det Norske Veritas for PWD, SLW and SMW solution families, and can for that reason carry out certification in the shortest of instances.
Gearbox CTU3150 CTU3200 CTU3300 CTU3500 CTU3700 CTU3850 CTU31100 CTU energy transmission CZPT Riduttori monitor drive 
Gearbox CTU3150.1 CTU3200.1 CTU3300.1 CTU3500.1 CTU3700.1 CTU3850 CTU31100 CTU31400 CTU31700 CTU power transmission CZPT Riduttori track push Planetary Vacation Drive Reducer CTD CTU R1 FR RSF RFL RFD RX CWD CZPT Closing Generate.
Brevini Riduttori energy transmission compact planetary track push are specifically designed for tracked vehicles: excavators and earth-transferring devices.
They have a large-obligation casing, a brief general length, and wonderful radial and axial load capability.
They have an integral multidisc failsafe brake and can be put in directly on hydraulic motors and are completely ready to acknowledge plug-in hydraulic motors.
The compact style of the unit enables the power conveyance from CZPT axial piston hydraulic motor right to the running equipment, lowering the all round dimension of the hydrostatic transmission.
Higher radial load capacity bearings, focused sealing technique and manual disengagement let the ultimate generate to operate in serious and hefty-obligation problems.
Inside multidisc parking brake, movement handle valves and easy displacement variability presented from the CZPT hydraulic motor are additional rewards that can make Dana as One Associate capable to provide full, trustworthy and built-in transmission bundle.
Principal functions
– Inside multidisc parking brake
– Handbook disengagement device for towing
– High radial and axial load capability bearings
– Cartridge hydraulic motors for compact layouts
– Motion handle valves with various alternatives accessible
– Bevel equipment unit at the enter for electric powered motor and/or cardan shaft relationship accessible
– Special sealing program designed for extreme environmental situations
– Hub and spindle created of large energy material


We are knowledgeable transmission dealers and offer you a broad range of transmissions, an crucial element of many travel systems. Gearboxes can be utilised to lessen or boost velocity, improve torque, reverse or alter the route of a push shaft. Gearboxes are also identified as equipment drives, velocity reducers, gear motors, speed reducers and equipment reducers.
Gear reducers are also known as reducers. Mechanical equipment, by possibly of these two names, are designed to reduce the power transferred between the motor and the equipment between the rotational speeds (revolutions per minute). The reducer successfully reduces the rotational speed developed by the motor, thereby managing the velocity at which the device operates and rising the torque created by the motor. Multiplying the torque produced by the motor increases the machine’s offered energy – a process recognized as “mechanical dominance”. In a more substantial context, equipment reducers are basically tools employed to improve the performance of gear procedure.

China Best Sales Gear Box Model Pwd3150 Pwd3200 Pwd3300 Pwd3500 Pwd3700 Hydraulic Dana Spicer CZPT Winch Drive Gearboxes     with Best Sales