China Hot selling One Stage Gear Ratio 4: 1 5: 1 10: 1 NEMA 34 Stepper Motor Geared Speed Reducer Planetary Gearbox with Good quality

Merchandise Description

1 Stage Gear Ratio 4:1 5:1 10:1 Nema 34 Stepper Motor Geared Velocity Reducer Planetary Gearbox

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two.Offer Motor product / drawing and output torque


Planetary Reducer

As a skilled pace reducer maker, GIGAGER is specialized in creating planetary gearhead reducer for far more than 10 several years. All of GIGAGER planetary gearboxes are developed with integral construction with large span of the front and rear bearings distributed inside the box physique, forming a steady built-in framework to guarantee transferring the greatest torque in the most compact kind.


1. What is the Planetary Reducer?

Planetary equipment technique is a variety of epicyclic equipment method used in exact and high-performance transmissions.
We have plentiful of experience in producing planetary gearbox and equipment components this kind of as sun gear, planet provider, and ring gear in China. We make use of the most innovative products and technologies in production our planetary equipment sets.
We provide a broad range of planetary gearbox for your gear reduction tasks.


2. What is the Solution Characteristics?

• Minimal backlash to satisfy users’ precision transmission necessity.
• Higher performance of output guarantee the excellent functioning overall performance of user’s gear.
• High high quality with free of charge maintenance.
• Helical transmission, much more stable, far more loading
• Specific developed integral construction helps make larger radial and axial load
• Low sounds and small volume
• Multiple design and gear ratio possibilities

These compact, light-weight, reduced backlash inline equipment reducers ended up at first developed for encoder purposes. They are also ideal for numerous other generate systems. Encoder equipment reducers have a very lower instant of inertia at the shaft enter and are rated for input speeds up to 3000 rpm. Two body measurements are accessible with gear ratios from 4.ninety six:1 to 3600:1. Our encoder gearbox sync pads are offered from stock.
Right angle gearboxes (worm and planetary gears) are sturdy and can be utilised for 90° turns. An inline reducer (parallel shaft and planetary) is an perfect matching motor with substantial enter speeds, or when gear motor performance is crucial. Contact our complex product sales personnel to assist decide which transmission answer is best for you.

China Hot selling One Stage Gear Ratio 4: 1 5: 1 ten: 1 NEMA 34 Stepper Motor Geared Pace Reducer Planetary Gearbox     with Good quality