China wholesaler Right Angle CZPT Riduttori Planetary Gearbox Em-ED-Et-EQ Series with Great quality

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ZHangZhoug New Peka Hydraulic Co., Ltd. is a professional producer of planetary reducers/gearbox. At present,we designed tens of 1000’s specifications of the planetary reducer/gearbox, vacation travel,swing generate and winch travel.The ratio selection is 3.3~9000, and the output torque variety is 500~1200000N.m. The set up, dimensions and functionality parameters of the reducer are just the exact same as CZPT European brand names, which can be properly changed and interchanged.

Particulars as follows:
BONFIGLIOLI (300 collection, 700C collection, 700T sequence, 600W series)
BREVINI (EM, ED, ET, EQ, EC, PD, PDA, CTD, CTU, SL varieties)
DINAMIC OIL (varieties RE, GB, RA, GBA)
COMER (PG, PGA, PGR, PGW varieties)
ZOLLERN (ZHP3.thirteen, ZHP3.fifteen, ZHP3.19, ZHP3.20, ZHP3.22, ZHP3.24, ZHP3.25, ZHP3.26, ZHP3.27, ZHP3.29, ZHP3.31, ZHP3.32)
FAIRFIELD, AUBURN Equipment, CZPT Equipment, O&K, and so forth. For that reason,our planetary reducer/gearbox can be utilized to exchange the gearboxes of these brands.

Bonfiglioli Dinamic oil Brevini RR
300 RE110 EM1571 ED1571 ET2571 RR65/a hundred and five
301 RE210 EM1030 ED1030 ET2030 RR110/210
303 RE240 ED2030 ET3030 EQ4030 RR310
304 RE310 ED2040 ET3040 EQ4040 RR510
305 RE510 EM1045 ED2045 ET3045 RR510/710
306 RE810 EM1046 ED2046 ET3046 RR810
EM1065 ED2065 ET3065
307 RE1571 EM1090 ED2090 ET3090 RR1571
309 RE1520 ED2150 ET3150 EQ4150 RR1700
310 RE2520 ED2250 ET3250 EQ4250 RR2700
ED2320 ET3320 EQ4320
311 RE3510 SL3001,SL3002,SL3003,SL3004 RR4000
313 RE3511,RE3512,RE3513,RE3514 SL4001,SL4002,SL4003,SL4004 RR5000/RR5200
315 RE6520 SL6001,SL6002,SL6003,SL6004   SL8501,SL8502,SL8503 RR6500
316 GB11000 SL12001,SL12002,SL12003,SL12004 RR8000
317 GB18000,GB21000, SL18001,SL18002,SL18003 RR10000
318 GB26000 SL25001,SL25002,SL25003,SL25004    RR15000
319 GB53000,GB53000 SL35001,SL35002,SL35003,SL35004    RR20000
321 GB61000    


300 Sequence Planetary Geabox Parameter



    Rated Output Torque  




Max.Enter Velocity


301 1750 30 3000 three.4-2700 7-seven-hundred
303 2500 40 3000 three.6-2800 nine-800
305 5000 60 3000 3.6-2800 nine-800
306 8500 seventy five 2500 three.6-2900 nine-800
307 12500 100 2500 3.4-2400 thirteen-seven hundred
309 18500 130


3.4-2400 13-seven hundred
310 25000 a hundred and fifty 2000 4-2500 40-900
311 35000 one hundred eighty 2000 4-2100 eighteen-800
313 50000 two hundred 2000 4-2200 18-800
315 80000 250 1500 4-1800 70-900
316 105000 270 1500 4.4-1200 fifty-600
317 150000 300 a thousand four-1900 70-900
318 200000 340 a thousand four.4-1100 two hundred-seven-hundred
319 30000 380 500 four.8-1400 three hundred-800

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Beneath is a record of our presently offered industrial gearboxes. If you can not find what you are seeking for, remember to contact the manufacturing unit for a lot more options. At EP, we are continually establishing new goods and retrofitting old ones to fulfill client specifications.
The phrase “gearbox” is employed to refer to any device that connects a motor to a machine and is made up of a collection of gears, also identified as a equipment set. It receives the main input speed from the motor and modifications it to a diverse output velocity employing its gears. Distinct types and combos of gears serve certain reasons. The sorts of gears identified in gearboxes incorporate spur gears, bevel gears, helical gears, helical gears and worm gears. The performance effectiveness of a gearbox is represented by the gearbox ratio, which is the ratio of the velocity of the enter resource to the velocity of the output source

China wholesaler Right Angle CZPT Riduttori Planetary Gearbox Em-ED-Et-EQ Series     with Great quality